Yunda Paper Machinery Agreed to Be Supplier for Phase II of Suzhou Taisheng Paper 120,000 Tons Tissue Paper Project


Taisheng Paper’s annual 120,000 tons tissue paper project will buy wood pulp puling system and high consistency sand cleaner from Yunda. The executive leadership of Taisheng visited Yunda factory and learned about the operation of clients who bought equipment from Yunda before concluding the contract. Suzhou Taisheng Paper is a manufacture in the north of Anhui Province, who has integrated production of tissue paper and post processing. Eight lines for making paper with annual capacity of 120,000 tons in Phase II will be put into production the end of 2020, aiming to covering markets in north of Anhui, north of Jiangsu, south of Shandong, east of Henan, etc. This project has laid a solid foundation for Taisheng’s market layout in northern market.