pulp refiner pulper

250,000 tons cardboard paper,Vietnam THUẬN AN

Annual production capacity: 250,000 tons.Year
Paper type: cardboard
Project Address: Vietnam
Scope of supply: chain conveyor,mid consistency screen,double disc refiner,Grading sieve, wire front sieve


On April 22, 2022, Yunda and VietnamTHUẬN AN Paper Industry Shun reached a cooperation agreement to provide the entire pulping line for their PM8 250,000 tons of carton board paper project. The scope of supply includes chain conveyor, medium concentration pulper, grading screen, screen front screen, double disk pulper and other equipment.

This cooperation is another cooperation between the two sides after the project of 300,000 tons of cartons of board paper in THUẬN AN, Vietnam. In June 2017, the whole pulping line of THUẬN AN, Vietnam 300,000-ton box board paper project was successfully signed and shipped. After the project was started in January 2019, the waste paper conveying system, grading screening system and fine screening system provided by Yunda for the project ran stably, reaching customer expectations and winning customer trust, which also laid the foundation for the achievement of this cooperation.

THUẬN AN Paper, as one of the largest local suppliers of wrapping paper in Vietnam, has developed rapidly in recent years. Since 2015, it has successively expanded its production capacity (including under construction) by more than 400,000 tons, gradually showing a leading advantage in the Vietnamese market.

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