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Since being established in 1981, Zhengzhou Yunda Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunda) has consistently adhered to the concept of "Faithful and Professional, Serve Pulp and Paper Industry", specializing in R&D and production of stock preparation and approach system equipment and providing professional technical support and mature auxiliary equipment. Yunda products are well sold in domestic market, almost all provinces being covered, like some papermaking industry developed areas in Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Suzhou and other remote areas in Xinjiang, and so on. What’s more, in global market, Yunda products are sold in 28 countries and regions along the "Belt and Road Initiative".

Green and Intelligent Manufacture

Yunda has been conducting in-depth practice of Made in China 2025, a strategy document issued by the State Council in 2015. Yunda has founded Intelligent Equipment Research Institute and keeps pushing the transformation and upgrading by improving quality and efficiency as well as intelligent manufacture. Based on innovation, Yunda sees chances in challenge and adapts to change of market. It also constructed innovative platforms to accelerate the industrialization of innovative results, unremittingly offering more innovative, high-efficiency, environment-friendly and energy-saving products for customers, contributing much to China paper industry.
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Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC), professional and thoughtful one-stop service for you

Yunda has enlarged its sales scope to all over the world. By solid foundation and skilled technology, professional technical talents and service team bring professional service to customers.

Understanding market changes holds industry trends in hand

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    Two sets of pulping systems were successfully delivered to the 200TPD package paper project site in Egypt
    On September 13th, all pulping system equipment of Egypt 200TPD package paper project cooperated by Yunda and Ping ‘an were successfully delivered to the site of Egypt project, which laid a foundation for the next installation and debugging work. In February 2022, to reach cooperation agreement with Pingan, for its overseas project provides two sets…
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    Commissioning of Bukoza Progres, s.r.o. Slovakia was Well Done
    On September, 9th, 2022, commissioning of complete set of stock preparation and approaching system supplied by Yunda, in Bukoza Progres, s.r.o. Slovakia was successfully done. During the whole period of commissioning, even though Yunda’s technician has a rather bad travelling experience, he still perfectly finds every issue, and then carefully help customer to solve, lastly…
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    Al Sarh Al – Rasin Company project 200 t/D paper pulping line sign with Yunda
    Al-sarh Al-Rasin Company has entered into a partnership with Yunda, under which Yunda will supply the pulping line for its 200T/D Package paper project. This cooperation, to provide two pulping production line. The scope of supply including conveying system , pulping system, HD cleaning system, coarse screening system, LD cleaning system, fine screening system, refining…
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    Yunda with High Consistency Refiner and Low-Consistency Refiner for Wuhan CIDPE.
    From July 29 to 31, Yunda taking GPM262 High Consistency Refiner with control system, PM48 Double Disc Refiner, energy-saving MC Pulper transmission assembly, and DCS system of disposable paper pulping line, appeared at the A2D36 booth of Wuhan International Disposable Paper Exhibition. Yunda High Consistency Refiner beating in the field of Disposable paper pulp can better retain fiber…