Technical Support

Innovative Technology Faithful Services

Based on customer benefits and interests and taking services as core, Yunda supplies customized and cost-effective products with high quality and offers excellent and careful services to our clients.

  • Accurate control

    From equipment selection and planning to capacity optimization, till after-sales service, professional business manager follows the whole stage to assist in avoiding risk and promote project value.

  • Customization

    Make design scheme according to customer's actual demand.

    Serve the clients for the whole stage from process design, to technical advice, installation and commission, till the post-sales maintenance, etc.

  • Common witness

    Truthfully recorded data of operation and profits of thousands of clients demonstrates the quality of service offered by our design and R&D team and installing and maintaining team and witnesses the realization of investment value of whole project.

  • Training support

    Technical personnel dispatched to work site provides lot of systematic training to satisfy the project demands. During actual operation, our technical personnel continuously follows up to ensure the smooth function.

Excellent Service Process

Professional technical experts and service teams of Yunda always serve clients professionally with solid foundation and sophisticated technology.


Professional answer customer consultation


Recommend suitable products


Tailor-made solutions


Strict inspection of on-time delivery


Assist in drawing up construction plans


Direct foundation precast


Guide installation and commissioning


Technical training and maintenance


Regular inspection and visit


EPC general package service

Yunda also provides all-round service system

Five Quality Guarantees/Zero communication cost/Worry-free warranty service

  • Pre-sale engineering design & professional service

    The company formally established an engineering technology center in 2011 to provide customers with professional services in all aspects, including economic analysis of engineering projects, site selection, general layout of the plant area and production process design, etc.
  • Quick supply of spare parts

    Green channel for parts processing to ensure the timely supply. We provide customers with complete types and high-quality genuine accessories to ensure that each accessory works at its full capacity in the operation of the equipment.
  • Multi-level maintenance & quality inspection control

    The finished equipment shall pass the multi-level maintenance quality inspection procedures such as self-inspection, team leader re-inspection, final quality inspection of workshop quality inspection personnel, and engineer final review before delivery.
  • Professional technical expert team

    Yunda has professional technical experts and service team. By virtue of solid foundation and sophisticated skill, we offer professionalized service to our customers.
  • Overall equipment inspection service
    After maintenance is completed, we provide customers with professional and overall equipment inspection services to ensure that hidden safety hazards are discovered and eliminated in a timely manner and that the equipment functions safely and stably.
  • 2hours
    Give clear solutions
  • 12hours
    Arrive at worksite
  • 24hours
    Solve the problem