FJB Agitator is a suspended agitator matching pulp chest, using for agitating pulp in different consistency in pulp tower, round pulp chest or square pulp chest. It was hung on the chest wall by a flange without cement, thus smaller space required, more easily installed and lower power consumption.


  • Advanced design of blade with strong thrust, the angle can be adjusted according to different consistency and pulp, so the application range is wide;
  • Mechanical seal
  • Pulp can be evenly stirred with lower power consumption

Working Principle

Mainly composed of impeller, transmission unit, packing sealing unit, belt driving unit, frame unit, mounting ring and protective cover.  

1. Impeller

Consists of impeller base, vanes and ball head cover. Vanes and base are connected by locating pins and bolts. Through changing combination of locating pin holes, angles of vanes can be adjusted.  

2. Transmission Unit

Composed of bearing housing, bearing, principal axle, axle sleeve, water resistant ring and spacer. Bearing housing and bearing support the principal axle. Axle sleeve is covered around the principal axle for protection of principal axle. Spacer is equipped on part of principal axle into the pulp chest to prevent corrosion.  

3. Packing Sealing Unit

It is composed of packing chamber, packing, water distribution ring, gasket and gland. The gasket can only be removed when replacing the filler with pulp in. Push tightly the packing chamber, then replace filler.  

4. Belt Driving Unit

Composed of motor, motor belt wheel, main engine belt wheel, V belt, motor base plate and screw. Power from motor transmitted to principal axle through belt.  

5. Frame Unit

Made by welding square tube and steel plate, used for fixing bearing housing and screw of belt driving unit. Flange at the front end is connected with mounting ring.  

6. Mounting Ring

Including steel pulp chest ring and cement pulp chest ring.  

7. Protecting Cover

Made by welding hole plate and elbow plate, used for protecting belt wheel and principal axle.

Technical Data

Model FJB600 FJB800 FJB1000 FJB1300 FJB1600
Vane Diameter (mm) 600 800 1000 1300 1600
Consistency (%) ≤4.5
Chest Volume (m³) 20-50 50-80 80-120 100-150 150-250
Motor Power (KW) 5.5-11 5.5-15 11-30 30-55 55-90