High Consistency Pulper

High Consistency Pulper

ZDSH High Consistency Hydrapulper was designed by reference to foreign data, mainly used for rapid pulping under conditions of high consistency and 60-90℃ water in deinking process. At the same time, ink particles and fiber are separated through chemical action. Almost no size reduction of ink particles and rejects makes subsequent ink removal, screening and cleaning process easier and smoother. Pulp with high degree of whiteness can be made from waste paper using less steam and chemicals with lower power consumption. High consistency hydrapulper has become core equipment in waste paper deinking and pulping process.


  • Applicable to puling and deinking variety of waste paper
  • Specially designed spiral rotor has strong defibering ability with little size reduction of rejects
  • Higher pulping consistency (12-18%), sufficient defibering
  • Compact structure, easy to operate and maintain.

Structure and Principle

This equipment stands vertically, consists of tank body, rotor, transmission part, accept plate and bracket, etc. The rotor device is composed of rotor and bearing supporting device. Spiral blades are set around the rotor. When the rotor turns, pulp runs from the top to the bottom along the rotor and finally smashed to tank wall at the bottom end of rotor, then runs from bottom to top along the wall, again to bottom brought by the rotor. Strong water flushing and shear force make the pulp rub and clash, therefore separated to single fiber. At the same time, friction and deinking agent act to separate the ink from the fiber. The bearing supporting device has lower friction. The whole device, except the packing box, is non-contact sealed, thus can save more energy.

Technical Parameter

Nominal Volume (m3) 5 10 15 30
Consistency (%) 12-18
Capacity (T/D) 20-30 30-50 60-70 140-180
Motor Power (kW) 110 185 315 560