Drum Screen

Drum Screen is mainly used to remove big-size light impurities in waste paper stock preparation system. Its advantages are good screening effect, low power consumption, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Structure and Principle

Drum Screen is made of screen basket, machine bracket, gear motor drive device, belt drive device, riding wheel device, catch wheel device and spray pipe system, etc. Helical blades inside drum screen basket can transfer impurities. Light impurities along with pulp enters into screen basket from inlet pipe, in the effect of gravity, fine stock discharged through accepted pulp opening while light impurities transported by helical blade to the tail of screen basket then discharged. Spray system is installed on two sides of screen basket to clean the stock in impurities and keep screen basket unblocked.


  • It is mainly used in waste paper pulping system to remove large light impurities.
  • Effective screening, low power consumption.
  • Simple structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameter

Drum Diameter: (mm)φ1000φ1500φ2000φ1500
Output: (L/min)3000-50006000-80009000-120008000-10000
Hole Diameter: (mm)Φ6、φ8、φ10、φ12 (selected by customer)
Spray Water PipeDiameter: (mm)φ42φ48Φ60Φ89
Water Flow: (L/min)100-300150-400200-500320-500
Power: (KW)45.51115
Outline Dimension: (mm)450015551900566020002500688025302965620023004335


Drum screen installation site

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