High Consistency Refiner

High Consistency Refiner

High consistency disc refiner is a series of finalized products produced by Zhengzhou Yunda Paper Equipment Co., Ltd. After studying the characteristics of domestic raw materials, our company has developed this new GPM series product. The high consistency disc refiner is characterized by reasonable and compact structure, high precision, high automation, high inlet consistency , high output and stable operation. This equipment is mainly used in chemical mechanical pulp and semi chemical mechanical pulp production lines. First, push the processed wood chips, bamboo chips, grasses, non wood fibers, straw and other raw materials from the feeding screw to the refiner,then between the moving disc and the stationary disc in high-speed rotation, the material is kneaded, and the fibers in it will leave the high consistency disc refiner after being loosened and separated.


  • Integrated control:One button start and stop of each equipment control point in the system; The system has expanded functions and displays signals on the display screen, so as to realize centralized control and monitoring of upstream and downstream related equipment of the pulping system
  • Intelligent monitoring: intelligent monitoring can effectively monitor the working state of high consistency pulping system. Ensure that the system can automatically alarm or shut down when the equipment is abnormal. Abnormal conditions include loss of cooling water, high oil temperature, excessive vibration of the mill, and shutdown of rotating parts. This protects the equipment and identifies abnormal areas.
  • High precision control:The disc refiner can achieve a control value of 0.01mm
  • Emergency lubrication: the transmission shaft and the belt pump are connected by the belt. Once the power is cut off, the lubricating oil can also be supplied to the bearing within the rotation inertia time of the main shaft.
  • It is more convenient to replace the refiner plate: the refiner plate is fixed on the moving and static flanges of the disc refiner, and It is divided up and down in the refiner. The cover of the upper refiner of the disc refiner can be easily opened, and the refiner plate can be replaced without dismantling any pipeline, saving time and cost.

Technical Data

Model GPM244 GPM250 GPM256 GPM262 GPM268
Configuring Refiner Size/mm 1120 1270 1420 1575 1728
Refiner Size/inch 44″ 50″ 56″ 62″ 68″
Density/% 25-35 25-35 25-35 25-35 25-35
Capacity/(t/h) 90-140 120-180 170-260 240-340 300-450
Improve karsting after grinding/°SR 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15
Design pressure of grinding chamber/Bar 8Bar 8Bar 8Bar 8Bar 8Bar
Spindle rotation speed(50Hz/60Hz)/rmp 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800
power/kw 1800kw-3550kw 2500kw-4500kw 4000kw-7100kw 5600kw-9000kw 10000kw-15000kw