Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

In paper industry, BFW chain conveyor is mainly used for conveying kinds of baled or loose materials, horizontally or on up to a 30 degree incline, for feeding waste paper or pulp board to pulper.


  • Larger conveying capacity
  • Lower energy consumption
  • More durable
  • Reliable function
  • Application by many domestic paper makers demonstrates its good quality. It is the most ideal waste paper and pulp board conveying equipment

Structure and Principle:

Composed of driving device, tail wheel device, tension device, chain plates and machine frame.
  1. Driving Device
This device has motor, reducer, transmission device and driving chain wheel, etc. The driving force is transmitted to the main shaft from the driving device by a pair of bush roller chain wheels, and then slot plates are driven. The drive chain pulley drives two chip drag chains and slot plates to run along the track by adopting two six-tooth chain wheels.
  1. Tail Wheel Device
This part helps change the running direction of chain plates. It consists of tail wheel shaft, two tail wheels and bearing, etc.
  1. Tension Device
Spiral tension method is adopted to adjust the tightness of the drag chain.
  1. Chain Plates
Made up of drag chain and slot plates. It uses impact-resistance, stable and reliable chip drag chain. Rollers set inside the inner chain plates runs along the track to reduce the friction drag and abrasion. Slot plates are fastened by bolts and drag chain.
  1. Machine Frame
Including head frame, tail stand and intermediate frame, made by welded channel steel, angle steel and reinforced plate. There are four light rails for rollers running.

Technical Parameters

Model BWF1200 BWF1400 BWF1600 BWF1800 BWF2000 BWF2200 BWF2400
Effective Width (mm) 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400
Capacity (m³/h) 65-210 80-225 95-300 110-345 140-390 180-430 240-500
Speed (m/min) 1.2-10
Incline Bale and pulp board ≤22° bulk waste paper ≤45° wood board ≤45°
Raw Material Bales, pulp board, bulk waste paper, wood chips
Raw Material Max Size (mm) 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200