Leveling Wheel

Leveling Wheel is utilized along with chain conveyor to ensure materials on chain conveyor is well distributed and thickness is consistent


  • Efficiently even materials on chain conveyor and make thickness consistent.
  • Designed with rational structure, working well and no paper stuck
Leveling Wheel

Structure and Principle

The machine is composed of reducer device, transmission drum device, lifting device, stand and shield, etc.

1. Reducer device

Composed of all-in-one gear motor reducer, fixed lug and screw rod fixing device. Reducer is fixed on lifting device with transmission main shaft through it.

2. Transmission drum device

This device consists of a transmission main shaft with a drum installed and welded on it. Two assembly bearings in support position and a bearing seat are fixed on the adjustable shelf of lifting device. The extension of the transmission main shaft inserts into the inner hole of the reducer and the gear motor drives to rotate.

3. Lifting device

Composed of adjustable shelf, fixed slide track bracket and adjusting screw.

4. Stand

Made of welded angle steel and steel plate, used for separating drum to keep safe.

Technical Parameter

Chain Conveyor Width (mm)140016001800200022002400
Motor Power (kw)5.57.5
Raw MaterialBulk waste paper
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