Mid Consistency Pulper

Mid Consistency Pulper

ZDSZ MC Pulpuer is mainly to pulp kinds of pulp boards, broke and waste paper. It features strong pulping capability, broad scope of application, simple structure and friendly operation and maintenance, etc., thus is comparatively ideal OCC pulping equipment in modern time. The hydrapulper of this series applies to both batch pulping and continuous pulping. For pulper with a nominal volume of 10 cubic meters or more, a ragger should be equipped to remove the ropy contaminants, like plastic packing belt, rope head and wire, etc.


  • Mainly applicable to medium consistency (5-8%) pulping of wood pulp or other raw materials with less impurities.
  • Energy saving rotor, adjustable clearance between the screen plate and rotor.

Structure and Principle

ZDSZ Hydrapulper is composed of tank body, rotor, transmission part, stock level box (continuous), etc.
  1. When water injected into the tank reach half of the volume, start the motor, then uniformly feed pulp board, broke or waste paper into the tank. After defibering and separating, pulp flows out from the screen holes while foreign matters and heavy contaminants fall into the sediment tank and then discharged regularly. Benefit from the special structure of rotor, pulp runs towards to surroundings from the center when the rotor rotates, vortex forms in the center area, thus the pulp board or the broke can be deflaked in wet condition. Those left paper scraps and fiber bundles will be deflaked in the gap between rotor and screen plate. Pulping blades are specially designed at the end so that the screen holes will not be plugged.
  2. Tank body was made of welded steel plate with a conical mouth opened on the top for preventing splash of pulp; steel flange at bottom side connects the transmission part. A guide plate set on inner bottom to make pulp flow back and forming circulation. A reject discharging opening is arranged and equipped with a sediment tank for discharging rejects.
  3. Under the tank body, there is transmission part, composed of main shaft, bearing, bearing seat and belt wheel, etc.
  4. Under rotor is screen plate, holes of different sizes optional for clients as required. Normally the clearance between rotor and screen plate is 3 mm, but adjustable.
  5. Stock level box (continuous) is a steel cylinder, connected with pulp outlet pipe of pulper. Inside the box an adjustable overflow gate is set to adjust the pulp level of pulper and control the pulping quality.

Technical Parameter

Nominal Volume (m3) 10 15 20 25 30 40
Consistency (%) 5-8
Capacity (T/D) 40-60 60-90 90-130 120-170 150-200 220-290
Motor Power (kW) 90 132 185 250 250 315