HD Cleaner

HD cleaner is used in a high concentration to remove paper pulp in a larger share of the metal,sand, and various kinds of heavy impurity to get high quality pulp of a kind of ideal equipment, also is the necessary equipment for the purification of waste paper pulping.


  • Big sight window for easy visual inspection of vortex and control
  • Long separating cone and small taper angle, high cleaning efficiency.
  • Working consistency is from 2%-5%
  • Special fast open discharging control valve, sufficient reject, easy operation.
  • Wear resistance ceramic cone, long service lifetime.

Working Principle

HD cleaner is the use of fibers and impurities in different proportions to separate the impurities .The slurry at a certain pressure from feed three tangent enter slag separator before high rotation speed, due to the different centrifugal force, heavy impurity is thrown to the wall .under the action of gravity, gradually to the bottom of the cone operation, into the sediment cans. Because of small centrifugal force, Fiber gradually run into the center the low pressure area, to scroll up after the bottom, and finally discharge by good pulp mouth .A high concentration of removing the dregs device in addition to with certain taper cone, and the cone is long, pulp in the cone in decreasing the rotation radius, avoid pulp flowing in the process of reducing speed, ensure that the centrifugal force is strengthened, and improve the efficiency of purification for paper .The bottom water pressure balance is slightly bigger than pulp pressure, so that fiber can't go into the tank bottom, only sand ,metal particles, glue, piece of plastic ,and other heavy impurity sink into the pot, reducing the loss of fiber.

OCC line

Technical Data

Inlet Consistency (%)2-5
Inlet Pressure (MPa)0.3-0.35

HD series

Throughput: (L/Min)1300-17001700-25002500-32003000-45004500-60006000-8000
Feed pulp consistency:(%)2-5
Feed pulp pressure(MPa)0.3-0.4
Pressure difference: (MPa)0.12-0.15
Reject Discharge methodContinuous or intermittent automatic
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