Fine Reject Screen

Fine Reject Screen

WS-type pressure screen is international advanced stock screening equipment. Our company adopts international advanced technology to research and develop a new generation mid-consistency screening equipment. It is suitable for thermal screening of wood pulp and straw pulp, coarse screening and fine screening of chemical pulp and waste paper pulp, screening preheating wood chips and GWP and so on. Reject screen pressurized screen has a strong adaptability, energy saving, water saving, high production efficiency and other characteristics than ordinary consistency pressurized screen.


  • Efficient screening to reduce fiber loss.
  • Designed with washing water to recover fiber efficiently.
  • Modular design, low maintenance cost.

Structure and Principle:

Reject screen is a continuous with pressure screening stock equipment in a fully closed state. Running with pressure, the stock without screening inter into the separate chamber upper the pressurized screen through tangential direction from the inlet pulp pipe, the heavy substance under the action of centrifugal force is separated and subside in the heavy slag collection groove and discharged from heavy reject outlet. Slurry overflow the circular slice downward into the screening area between basket and principal axis adopt mechanical sealing revolve cylinder, fine fiber is drawn forth from fine pulp outlet through the screen. hole (slot), unusable fiber continued downward movement, discharged from deslagging pipe at the bottom of pressurized screen, at the opposite of reject pipe equipped with dilution water pipe in order to adjust the stock consistency, high speed revolution cylinder surface has many convex block inside the basket. When rotated, the rear of every convex block will produce topical negative pressure, so as to achieve the function of cleaning screen hole. Inlet pressure is generally 0.2-0.4 Mpa, operation pressure difference is generally 0.02-0.07Mpa. The above date is related to stock grade quality, consistency, impurity quality, stock flow speed, slice open area and so on.

Technical Data

Model WS81J WS82J WS83J WS84J
Nominal Area 0.38 0.76 1.06 1.42
Inlet Consistency 0.4-1.5
Capacity 20-40 50-80 90-140 110-170
Inlet Pressure 0.15-0.4
Motor Power 22-30 30-45 37-55 55-75