Rong Chen Paper (Pinghu)

Customer Name: Rong Chen Paper (Pinghu)
Annual Production Capacity: 600,000 Tons
Paper Type: Testliner, Fluting
Raw Material: LOCC
Project Address: Zhejiang & Jiangsu , China
Scope of Supply: Drum Pulper, HD Cleaner, Whole Bobbin Paper Line, etc.

Core Equipment


In 2018, Yunda signed a contract with Rongcheng Paper to provide a complete pulping system for PM8 100TPD yarn tube paper project, which is the fourth cooperation after Pinghu Base and Hubei base. Thanks to the trust and support of Rongcheng Paper, Yunda regards customers as long-term strategic partners and provides professional services for Rongcheng Paper. Project background: PM6 has been put into operation in May 2009, with an annual production capacity of 270,000 tons. In order to adapt to the unstable source of raw materials and reduce energy consumption, Rongcheng Paper decided to change the original D-type pulper to a drum type pulper. PM7 is a production line with a speed of 1000m/min and a width of 6600mm. In order to maintain the original length of recycled fibers, improve the separation effect of impurities and fibers, and reduce labor costs and strength, Rongcheng Paper selected a drum pulper from Yunda. PM8 is a core board production line with 3200mm wide paper machine, mainly used for processing waste from other material preparation lines, Yunda provides complete material preparation equipment for PM8.


Founded in 1978 in Taiwan, Rongchen Paper Co., Ltd. has been specialized in producing various kinds of paper and necessities for people's livelihood for many years. Its stock was listed in 1985, and its capital has reached NT $5.115 billion by 2002. Started investing in mainland China in 1996. In 1998, the company promoted the strategy of focus and launched the enterprise transformation plan, no longer producing products requiring wood pulp, and officially completed in August 2002, becoming a professional recycling manufacturer of resources. At present, the main products are industrial paper, paper, and energy and environmental protection related products.

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