The Refurbishment in Coarse Screening Section of Indonesia APP

The Rebuild of Indonesia APP

Project Name: the Rebuild in Coarse Screening Section of Indonesia APP

Annual production capacity: 200,000 tons

Paper Type: Board

Raw Material: OCC

The Rebuild Project in Coarse Screening of Indonesian App Company was successfully accepted            

The customer spoke highly of the commissioning results 

From June 19 to June 22,2023, the Rebuild Project supplied by Yunda for the production base of APP in Indonesia have been continuously operation for 3*24 hours , The performance of the equipment was stable, and all indicators met expectations. Cai Chongjing, Head of APP production technology as well as Mr. Dian and Alkautsar, the on-site managers, are all very satisfied with the Yunda equipments and the on-site technical service provided by the engineer Mr. Wu Chengxue.

Project address:Indonesia

Client Profile: Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., referred to as APP, was incorporated in Singapore in October 1994, leading the pulp and paper industry of the Sinar Mas Group. After 20 years of unremitting efforts, APP has developed into one of the top ten paper companies in the world, with a total asset of more than 10 billion US dollars and an annual production and processing capacity of more than 10 million tons.


In June 2023, the 200,000 tons OCC stock preparation line coarse screen section rebuild project supplied by Yunda Company for APP Group's Indonesian plant, which was commissioned and put into operation. The content of rebuild includes:

The content of Rebuild includes:

  • Yunda ZNS84 pressure screen was replaced with horizontal screen of an International brand in the 2nd coarse screening stage, power is reduced from 250kw to 90kw.  
  • Yunda ZQF2 Float Purger (55KW) and ZSR-3 Reject Sorter (37KW) were replaced with 2 sets Combi-Screen(90KW*2)of an international brand in the 3rd and 4th stage coarse screening.

After commissioning and acceptance:

the 2nd stage coarse screen 250kw
before the Rebuild

before the Rebuild:

the 2nd stage coarse screen 250kw, current is 60%. 2 sets combi screen 90kw, One current is 47% and the other is 22%

After the Rebuild:

The 2nd stage coarse screen  Yunda ZNS84 pressure screen 90kw  current 59%
Yunda ZNS84 pressure screen

The 2nd stage coarse screen  Yunda ZNS84 pressure screen 90kw  current 59%

 float purger
 float purger

The 3rd stage coarse screen  float purger 55kw  current 62%

reject sorter
reject sorter

The 4th stage coarse screen  reject sorter 37kw  current 65%

According to the commissioning situation, it is expected to save more than 500,000 KWh per year.