Super Screen


Yunda Super Screen is designed from three-dimensional simulation and fluid analysis technology, which finally provides high stickies removal efficiency, big throughput, high reliability and energy saving.

The stock enters the pressure screen from the tangential direction.  the heavy rejects are separated and removed through the heavy reject nozzle, results in reducing of the wear on the rotor and screen basket. The screening reject and light impurities discharged from the light reject nozzle.

The stock enters the screening section for further treatment, the rotor foils creates positive pulse with the head and negative pulse with the tail all the time when it is rotating, which ensures the cleanliness and smoothness of the screen slot, and improves the stock screening ability; Qualified stock is discharged through the accept pipe.

The stepping design of the rotor foils improves the removal of stickies and light impurities in a high efficiency, further ensures the quality of the accept stock.

Yunda Super Screen equips with the Paired Angular Contact Bearings, Double-Sided Mechanical Shaft Seal, Sealing Water Monitoring Device and Automatic greasing Device; the modular design of the structure provides easy installation and maintenance.

Yunda Super Screen is the priority of the Stock Screening System!