Signing with Slovakia Bukoza on Coated Manila Project


In October 2019, Yunda and Slovakia Bukoza held the signing ceremony in Belgrade, the capital city of Slovakia. Both parties reached an agreement on the project of annual capacity 200,000 tons coated manila of Bukoza and Yunda shall provide two lines for virgin wood pulp handling and waste paper handling and approaching system, etc.

Slovakia Bukoza is a chemical pulp producer with history of over 60 years. As patterns and raw material supply channels for international pulp and paper in recent years, Bukoza decided to develop and expand its business scope in paper industry. Through times of investigation and comparison between suppliers in Europe and Yunda, Bukoza considered that Yunda satisfied all its requirements from aspects of technology, service and market, etc. Thus, both parties made decision to go forward hand in hand, Bukoza developing paper industry and Yunda developing European market. It is believed this is a win-win cooperation!