Drum Pulper


Drum pulper is a pulping equipment for the recycled fibers,provides maximum retention of fiber physical characteristics, minimum breakdown of contaminants, clean impurities and high quality of accept.

The drum pulper consists of two groups: the rotating part and the driving system. The rotating part is composed of the Mixing Section, the Pulping Section and the Screening Section. The driving system is composed of the Support Rolls , the Transmission Device and the Lubrication Unit.

The waste paper enters the mixing section and pulping section of the drum pulper and gets fully disintegrated by gentle rubbing in the pulping section, and then goes forward to the screening section, where it is diluted by the spraying shower, and the accept stock goes into the bottom vat, waste plastics are washed away and discharged from the reject discharge outlet.

Compared with the D-type pulper, the drum pulper has the advantages of easy system, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost;

Yunda drum pulper has available sizes, which has more than 30 patented technologies.