Washing Drum

Washing Drum

Washing Drum is utilized for coarse screen or fine screen in tail pulp handling section of pulping line, washing tail pulp, recycling pulp fiber and rejecting waste plastics and furfural material.


  • Screening by slotted cylindrical screen, higher efficiency
  • Combined belt drive, stable operation, lower noise
  • Fan-shaped spraying system, better light rejects screening

Structure and Principle

Composed of machine frame, cylinder, riding wheel device, transmission device, reducer, spray pipe, mobile cleaning hose device, pulp receiving plate and shield.
  1. The cylinder is supported by the riding wheel fixed on machine frame and rotates under driven by transmission device through combined belt drive.
  2. After entering rotating cylinder and washed from spray pipe, fibers in the feed will be brought out by water and discharged as accepted pulp through screen slots. Remaining materials will be discharged as tail rejects.
  3. Under control of servo drive, cleaning hose continuously cleans every screen slot so that the screening section of cylinder can continuously runs without plugging.

Technical Parameter

Model Cylinder Diameter(mm) Effective Screen Length (mm) Rated Power (KW) Spray Water Throughput (0.3Mpa, L/Min) Cleaning Tube Water Throughput (1.5Mpa,L/Min) Inlet and Outlet Diameter(DN)
WTK85A 850 2000 3 150 50 250
WTK85B 850 3000 3 280 76 250
WTK150A 1500 3000 15 660 280 400