Oda Screening Basket


Oda screening basket is a precision screening product developed by Yunda Intelligent Equipment Research Institute.

The reinforcement rings after laser cutting ensure precise matching with the bars and unique laser welding which finally control the precision as industry-leading.

Oda screen basket is precisely manufactured, and the standard deviation of the slot width can be controlled at ±0.01mm; the overlapping arrangement of the bars all around the circle allows more numbers of bars to be installed thus provides more reliable structure, and with same slot width the open area of the screen basket could be increased for 10%.

The optimized bar geometry design of Oda screening basket brings more energy-saving in the screening process and better accepted pulp quality. Compared to other brands of screen baskets, the removal efficiency of stickies, flow amount and working life are completely improved. Oda screening basket has become a priority for the industry experts!

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