Zhejiang Jinli Paper 300,000T Grey Board Project Phase I Begins Installation and Commissioning


After ten months’ fighting, civil construction of for 300,000T Grey Board Project Phase I of Zhejiang Jinli Green Paper Co., Ltd. has been completed. The project has entered into installation and commissioning period. The thermal and power station, sewage treatment station, feed preparation workshop, pulping workshop, papermaking workshop, finishing workshop, etc. for the project all have been in a sprint before commissioning.

In the situation o f outbreak of pandemic of COVID-19, to minimize the influence on construction, Zhejiang Jinli Green Paper took full advantage of existing personnel strength and divided into different professional teams like electric, instrument control, mechanical, etc. to reinforce the construction team. As of September, the equipment installation and water commissioning have been in ending stage. At the beginning of September, the single machine commissioning of feed preparation workshop and pulping workshop has been done for the starting up in mid or late of September.

It is understood that the planned annual capacity of Jinli Project is 1,000,000 tons of packaging paper. Presently, the Phase I project under construction is for 300,000 tons high-strength single-side grey board. Since the starting of construction on September 1, 2019, 95% has been completed.

Project view: Zhejiang Jinli Green Paper Co., Ltd. Annual Capacity 1,000,000 tons green packaging paper project is planned to be build in two phases with total investment more than 3 billion YUAN. Construction of Phase I project with annual capacity 300,000 tons high-strength single side grey board PM1 producing line is planned to be completed in 18 months. Equipment for complete set of stock preparation line are all provided by Yunda, including conveying and feeding, breaking and sorting equipment, drum pulper, high consistency sands cleaner, coarse screening system, fine screening system, refining system and approaching system.