Yunda with High Consistency Refiner and Low-Consistency Refiner for Wuhan CIDPE.


From July 29 to 31, Yunda taking GPM262 High Consistency Refiner with control system, PM48 Double Disc Refiner, energy-saving MC Pulper transmission assembly, and DCS system of disposable paper pulping line, appeared at the A2D36 booth of Wuhan International Disposable Paper Exhibition.

Yunda High Consistency Refiner beating in the field of Disposable paper pulp can better retain fiber length, significantly improve the tensile strength and crack resistance of paper, improving quality and efficiency for paper mills. Yunda PM SERIES Double Disc Refiner, energy-saving MC Pulper, disposable paper pulping line DCS system, reliable, efficient and energy saving.

In recent years, Yunda has provided more than 100 pulping lines for customers such as Hengan Group, C&S Group, Vinda, Lee&Man, Taisheng Group, Sateri China, ASIA SYMBOL, Baoding Yusen, Liaoning Yusen, JINBOSHI Group etc., creating good economic benefits for customers.

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