Thermal Shredder

Yunda Innovation design of the thermal shredder have a number of patents,which has superior performance, safety and reliability and wide range of raw materials.

Yunda Innovation design of the thermal shredder have a number of patents,which has superior performance, safety and reliability and wide range of raw materials. The main structure is composed of three parts: Thermal Shredder, Ribbon Feeder and Side feed Screw.

Raw materials such as wood chips, bamboo chips are going into the Host Pulping Zone through the high-speed rotating ribbon feeder, and after pulping chips enter the fiber coarse refining zone and fiber hair-like shreds zone. And it shredded into uniform hair-like shreds under the action of the rotary and stationary discs, where the chemicals are added at the same time. 

Compared to the chips, the hair-like shreds has a larger specific surface and higher chemical reaction efficiency, which reduce chemical consumption and pollution.


  • Compared to traditional high consistency refiners, Yunda Innovative Thermal Shredder has multi- advantage: 
  • The clearance between refiner plates is accurately adjusted through electronic and hydraulic control, which is up to 0.01mm; 
  • The Thermal Shredder is equipped with shock sensors and vibration sensors to ensure safe and stable operation of the equipment; 
  • Dynamic balancing comes with G2.5 level accuracy, which ensure smooth operation and lower noise; 
  • Adopting a patented rubber damping limit device to ensure stability of operation process; 
  • Replacing the refiner plates does not require dismounting the pipeline, and it equipped with a refiner plates holder and specialized tooling, which shortens the time for replacing the refiner plates, reduces downtime and improves start-up efficiency. 

Yunda Thermal Shredder is energy-saving, high efficiency, stable and reliable, comparable to international first-class brands; It is a key equipment for i-CTMP.

Technical Data

Configuring Refiner Size/mm11201270142015751728
Refiner Size/inch44″50″56″62″68″
Improve karsting after grinding/°SR10-1510-1510-1510-1510-15
Design pressure of grinding chamber/Bar8Bar8Bar8Bar8Bar8Bar
Spindle rotation speed(50Hz/60Hz)/rmp1500/18001500/18001500/18001500/18001500/1800