Cabin Feeder

Cabin Feeder is a raw material feeding equipment with the function of atmospheric pressure steam sealing, which is always used in the feeding stage of the wood chip pre-steaming bin.

Construction and working principle

With structure of the misaligned equipped material rotation wheel of cabin feeder which is set above the outlet and deviate from the inlet feeder, that prevents the continuous feeding of front raw material from squeezing the rotation wheel, leading the equipment stocked and no rotating.

The material slides from the feeding port of the cabin body to the compartment of the shifting wheel through inlet slop of cabin feeder, and the shifting wheel rotates to make the material rotated and fed, so as to achieve the purpose of metering feeding and sealing water vapor.

Construction  Cabin Feeder
Construction of Cabin Feeder

The cabin feeder consists of a bin body (1), an end cover (2), a transmission unit (3), an inspection and maintenance hole cover (4), a gear box (5), a transmission side bearing (6), and a driven side bearing unit (7), zero-speed switch bracket (8) and zero-speed switch (9) and other components.


 A certain well-known paper making enterprise.

Cabin Feeder
Cabin Feeder