Knowledge of paper quality and beating


1. When the ash content of the paper is too low, the degree of beating can be increased to seal the paper to increase the filler retention.

2. The paper is floating on the cylinder surface because the adhesion between the paper sheet and the cylinder surface is not enough, and the beating degree can be increased to solve this problem.

3. The adhesion of the paper to the cylinder indicates that the structure of the paper is too tight, which may be due to too many fine fibers.This can be improved by reducing the degree of beating.

4. The freeness of the slurry is large, and creases often appear. If other indicators are qualified, it may be that the degree of percussion is insufficient.

5. Broken paper spots are mainly caused by broken paper not being well broken down in the pulper. If you want to break the broken paper well, you need to improve the ability of the re crusher. if the beater is used as a deflaker, it cannot achieve the expected effect.

6. If the bulk is too low, you need to reduce the beating degree to make the paper web structure more open.

7. The bursting strength can be improved by adjusting the beating degree.

8. Black spots and spots during calendering are caused by poor molding (beating can make the slurry more evenly distributed on the wire).

9. The thickness is inversely related to beating degree. If other test results allow, you can adjust the beating; initial beating will cause a large drop in thickness.

10. The appearance of folds is related to the drying system, probably because of the uneven distribution of the paper web structure.You can reduce beating and improving forming.

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