A must-read for paper making equipment maintenance personnel


In order to produce good paper, paper making equipment must be well maintained. The following is to share with you the contents that paper making equipment personnel must read:

1. The general requirements of the equipment components, sound, power foot, instrument spirit, complete data.

2. Equipment maintenance of the "cross homework" cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion.

3. The operation staff should have the "four understand three will" four understand: understand the principle, understand the structure, understand the function, understand the use. Three will: will use, will maintain, will troubleshoot.

4. The use of equipment "four" fixed person, fixed machine, fixed position, fixed rail system.

5. The four requirements of equipment maintenance are neat, clean, lubricated and safe.

6. Equipment management of the "three good" manage, use, repair equipment.

7. Equipment management in the process of "two sky; Three does not fall to the ground "two days not to see the day: fuel filling not to see the day; The precision of the cleaned parts is invisible. Three no landing: refers to oil, machinery, tools do not fall.

8. The "three inspection system" of equipment inspection is self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time inspection.

9. The use of mobile equipment "three inspection system" before the actual inspection, necessary parking inspection on the road, after returning to the field of comprehensive inspection.

10. Equipment accident equipment due to abnormal damage, resulting in accuracy, function, output reduction or production, as well as surface damage and serious internal injury.

11. The "three no pass" accident cause analysis of accident preparation and treatment is unclear. Those responsible for the accident and the masses are not let off without education; No precautions were taken.

12. The "five sets" of equipment oil are fixed, fixed, scheduled, customized and quantitative.

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