Zhengzhou Yunda won the Mayor Quality Award


In order to further promote the construction of a city with strong quality, guide and encourage various organizations to strengthen quality management, and promote the transformation of the city's economic development mode and the improvement of the overall quality of the city, on December 8,2021, the 7th Xinzheng Mayor Quality Award Ceremony was grandly held. Five companies including Zhengzhou Yunda Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. won this honor. Xu Chaofeng, the chairman and general manager of Yunda, attended the award ceremony.

In recent years, Zhengzhou Yunda has introduced PEM(performance excellent model), which has realized the systematic, standardized, procedural and standardized management in leadership decision-making, strategy formulation, customer and market, measurement and analysis improvement, resource, process management, and business results. The introduction of new processing equipment and lean production mode are important measures to ensure product quality. And the "rationalization proposal" method is adopted to encourage all employees to participate, continuously improve processing flow, and standardize daily production Work and improve the product production process of Yunda. Sophisticated equipment, reliable technology and advanced management have guarantee the quality of Yunda's products.

Keep improving, striving for excellence is the permanent pursuit of Zhengzhou Yunda. This time, Zhengzhou Yunda won the Xinzheng Mayor's Quality Award, which is the best prove of Yunda’s quality, and it is also the government's recognition of Zhengzhou Yunda's brand and reputation.