Yunda successfully installed pulping renovation equipment in C.A.S, Thailand


Thailand C.A.S (C.A.S PAPER MILL CO.LTD) signed an agreement with Zhengzhou Yunda Papermaking Equipment Co., Ltd., and Yunda Company will carry out the transformation of its 100,000 tons/year newsprint deinking pulp line to meet market demand and change Product structure, increase production capacity.

The renovation mainly includes: new OCC drum disintegration system, high-consistency slag removal system, new classification system and new growth fiber refining system. Equipment installation began in mid-July, and it took one month to complete the installation of equipment and pipes. The secondary grouting of the drive base of the drum pulper marks the basic end of the equipment installation.

According to the plan, the equipment installation will be completed in October, the installation of electrical instruments will be completed, and the equipment and production line will be commissioned and put into operation in November. At that time, an OCC pulping capacity of 600t/d will be formed.

Yunda will also adhere to the concept of "technological innovation and process improvement", and bring more "reliable, efficient and energy-saving" new pulping equipment to customers.