Yunda Paper Machinery Signed with Jiangsu Jintian Paper Company


Getting contracted with Jintian Paper, Yunda will supply complete set of stock preparation and approach system for Phase I Project in Jiangsu. Jintian's project in Jiangsu is divided into three phases and annual capacity will reach 2,500,000 tons of high-end packaging paper, including annual capacity 1,000,000 tons of phase I.

Signing of contract this time means a further deep cooperation after Dongguan Jintian project and Sichuan Jintian project. Jintian Paper finally chose Yunda because of two key reasons. First, all previous cooperation has tested the quality, reliability and service level of Yunda equipment. Second, Yunda has optimized the technological process, adopted online pipe dilution technology instead of stock pump to reduce intermediate pulp chest and agitators, etc. This improvement saves more cost and help reduce energy consumption. Additionally, it greatly increase the mixing intensity, on the benefit of stability and quick startup or shutdown as well as the arrangement of equipment on site. Yunda's innovation in process has acquired the recognition of clients, that is why Jintian chose Yunda again.
Jintian Paper Jiangsu Project will have an annual capacity of 2,500,000 tons.

Supply scope of Yunda
The supply scope includes 300,000t domestic carton board/cardboard middle layer line 1# stock preparation system, 400,000t OCC center stock line 3# stock preparation system, 100,000t LOCC bottom layer line 1# stock preparation system, 80,000t book paper bottom layer line 2# stock preparation system, 100,000t chancery paper bottom layer line 3# stock preparation system, PM1/PM2/PM3 approach system and 300,000t bottom layer waste paper bale breaking and sorting system, on-site technical services, more than 150 sets of equipment in total, including over 70 sets of screens, over 600 pieces of cleaning equipment, and almost 20 approaching screens (two sets of 7.66m2 approaching screens included)

About Jintian Paper
Jintian Paper was established in 2003. It is the largest grey board production base in Aisa. The company mainly produces high-end grey board and baby diaper, and now has three large producing bases in China: Dongguan Jintian, Sichuan Jintian and Jiangsu Jintian. Brands of grey board like "Jinbo", "Jinwa" are famous all over the world. Jiangsu Jintian Base in cooperation this time is located in Xiangshui County Industrial Zone on the shore of Yellow Sea, close to G15 Highway and it is a major industrial project in Yancheng City in 2020.