Yunda Paper Machinery Signed Contract with ORCHID PAPER in India for 35 Cubic Meters Continuous Pulping System


On July 4, 2020, Zhengzhou Yunda Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. signed contract with Orchid Company in India on a 35m³ D type continuously pulping system. This signing was made by Orchid after half year's consideration, which means that the quality of equipment and service of Yunda was high admitted. This is first cooperation between two parties.

This D type pulping system reaches a capacity of 300TPD, specially for handling with OCC. This system provided by Yunda includes D type Pulper, hydraulic impurity separator, rotating durm screen, ragger, rope cutter and grapple.

Orchid mainly produces coated board, kraft paper and high pressure decorative laminate. The company is recognized as a leading producer in this field. There are two production departments. Output of laminated board amounts to 6 million square meters and coated board reaches 75,000 tons each year.