Valves Knowledge in Papermaking Workshop


Valve Brief Introduction:
The valve is a mechanical device that controls the flow, flow direction, pressure, temperature, etc. of the flowing fluid medium. The valve is a basic component in the pipeline system. Valve pipe fittings, like pumps in technology, are often discussed as a separate category. Gas switch and faucet are the simplest valves. The valve can be operated manually or by hand wheel, handle or pedal, and the pressure, temperature and flow of the fluid medium can also be changed by control.
The valve can operate continuously or repeatedly for these changes, such as safety valve installed in hot water system or steam boiler. In more complex control systems, automatic control valves are used according to the needs of external inputs (i.e. regulating the changing set points flowing through the pipeline). The automatic control valve does not need manual operation. According to its input and setting, the valve can accurately control the requirements of the fluid medium

Pulping and papermaking commonly used valves:
1. Most pulp valves (thin gate valves) are used for washing, bleaching, beating and waste paper treatment equipment, followed by stop valves and ball valves, as well as a small number of check valves, butterfly valves, steam traps and needle valves.
2. Paper machine mainly uses pulp valve for pulp pipe and stop valve for steam pipe. These two valves account for about 90% of the valve demand. Other valves include drain valve, check valve, etc.
3. The coating machine mainly uses more gate valves and ball valves, accounting for about 70% of the valve demand. Some water and steam pipes use stop valves, plug valves and ball valves.
4. Environmental protection equipment:
Globe valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and ball valves are mainly used.
5. Water purifier:
The butterfly valve and gate valve with a diameter of 5~600mm are mainly used, and the stop valve is used for small diameter pipeline.
6. Evaporator:
Globe valves, gate valves and butterfly valves are mainly used, and the first two account for 65% of the total demand.
7. Alkali recovery furnace:
It mainly uses stop valves. At present, the pressure of such products is getting higher and higher. 64kg and 25kg stop valves are mostly used, accounting for about 65% of the valve demand of such equipment. In addition, there are safety valves. An alkali recovery furnace uses about 10 safety valves.
8. Causticization equipment:
Gate valve and butterfly valve are mainly used, and some globe valves and ball valves are also used.