Thermal Shredder 


Yunda innovated design of thermal shredding device has a number of patents and consists of three main components: Thermal Shredder, Ribbon Feeder and Side feed Screw.

Raw materials like wood chips are first fed into breaker-bar zone of Thermal Shredder via side feed screw and ribbon feeder, and then enter into a coarse refining zone and followed by fine refining zone where the materials are shredded into uniformed hair-like shreds. Depending on process requirement, chemicals may, or may not, be added into the shredder.

Compared to traditional HC refiners, Yunda’s innovated Thermal Shredder has many advantages: 

The clearance between refiner plates can be accurately adjusted through electronic and hydraulic control, up to 0.01mm; 

It has shock sensors and vibration sensors to ensure safe and stable operation of the equipment; 

Its dynamic balancing comes with G2.5 level accuracy, which ensures smooth operation and less noise; 

It uses a patented rubber damping limit device to ensure stability of operation process; 

Replacing the refiner plates does not require dismounting the pipeline, and it equipped with a refiner plates holder and specialized tooling. This help shorten the time for replacing the refiner plates, reduce downtime and improve start-up efficiency. 

Yunda’s Thermal Shredder has high efficiency, is stable and reliable, and comparable to other world first-class products. It is a key equipment for i-CTMP process technology.