PM Series Double Disc Refiner


Yunda energy-saving PM series double disc refiner is widely used in board, tissue paper, special paper, mechanical pulp and other pulping and paper making fields.

Two stationary discs and one double-sided rotary discs form two refining charmers of the PM double disc refiner, The stock enters from one refining chamber to the other through the arc holes, Different refining processes required by producing different final paper products can be met by using of different types of refiner plates and adjustment of refining parameters, and the qualified stock is sent out from the outlet;

The energy-saving PM double disc refiner developed by Yunda has multi-advantages.

Unique spline structure and paired angular contact bearing design makes smooth and efficient operation of the double disc refiner with low no-load energy consumption;

Automatic detection of vibration and temperature rise through sensors,provides precise control of the refining gap, and results in safe, reliable operation, and even beating;

An integrated maintenance tooling is with the using of detachable wire sleeve, and this equipment provides safe maintenance, convenient operation and low in cost;

Those are five models totally: PM20, PM26, PM34, PM42, and PM52, and the market covers 28 countries.