Honor Halls

  • A Pulper ZL201210368995.8

  • A Dilution Device for Pressure Screen ZL201410442213.X

  • New Starting Device for Drum Pulper ZL201310748473.5

  • An Up-Flow Pressure Pulp Screen ZL201410442202.1

  • Cylinder of Drum Pulper ZL201310749009.8

  • A Fluid Counter-current Washing Device ZL201511010560.6

  • Tower-type Feed Dividing System ZL201410162070.7

  • A Combined Pressure Screen ZL201611204365.1

  • An Upper Shield of Mid Consistency Pulper Pulp Tank ZL201220502670.X

  • An Enclosed Construction for Chain of Chain Conveyor ZL201220507767.X

  • A Water Swinging Device for Pressure Screen ZL201220502927.1

  • A Fully Lubricating Structure for Chain Wheel Shaft ZL201220502858.4

  • Drum Pulping Cylinder Easy to Discharge Ropy Contaminants ZL201320883936.4

  • A Drum Pulper ZL201320888208.2

  • A Lifting Device for Pressure Screen Top Cover  ZL201320884159.5

  • A Double Layer Cylinder Body Structure of Pressure Screen   ZL201320885125.8

  • A Sealing Device for Drum Screen ZL201320885142.1

  • A New Pressure Screen ZL201320885241.X

  • A Drum Screen with Blades ZL201320885188.3

  • Drum Pulper ZL201320885654.8

  • Feed Divider ZL201420196463.5

  • A Pressure Screen Cylinder Structure with Heavy Rejects Catching Device ZL201420501756.X

  • A device for dispersing the bottom of a steaming bin ZL202111647907.3