i-CTMP Pulping principle


i-CTMP Pulping principle:

The cleaned raw material is first softened at high temperature and then filamentized at high temperature with a filamentizer. 

The whole process needs to be performed at high temperatures to soften the fibers and reduce the bonding force between them, avoiding or reducing the possible damage to the fibers during high temperature filamentation. At the same time, the softening can be aided by adding or not adding chemical solutions according to specific conditions. The main chemical treatment is done on the raw material after filamentation with a HC tower at atmospheric pressure or a combination of " MC and HC" tower. After the chemical treatment is completed, the fibre is separated and ground with low or high concentration grinding to achieve the desired pulping index.  

i-CTMP wood fiber process production line includes the following units: 

Preparation unit, washing unit, high temperature filamentation unit, chemical reaction and washing unit, pulping and screening concentration unit.

Preparation unit:

Self-made or commercial wood chips pass through a pit double-screw conveyor and are screened in the chip sieve Select.

Washing unit:

The qualified wood chips after screening shall undergo the washing and dewatering procedure, remove the impurities and heavy materials on the surface of the chips and balance the moisture content of the Eucalyptus chips, and purify and recycle the washing water of the chips, at the same time concentrate and collect the waste residues.

High temperature filamentation unit:

The wood chips are heated and water is balanced in the steaming bin. They are transported to the screw feeder through metering and conveying screw at the bottom of the steaming bin and horizontal conveying screw, vertical lifting screw, diagonal lifting screw and horizontal conveying screw.  The wood chips are extruded by the screw feeder to form a material plug. The wood chips are softened by falling into the high temperature softening pipe through the T-tube and then into the high temperature filamentizer for filamentation.

Chemical reaction and washing unit:

After the silked material passes through the slurry separator, it passes through the mixed conveying screw to the middle or high concentration reaction tower. Chemicals can be added either before or after the filamentizer, or in combination, depending on the circumstances. After chemical treatment, the material from the reaction tower is washed by dilution and extrusion.

Pulping and screening concentration unit:

The washed pulp undergoes low or high consistency grinding, stops briefly in the pulp tank, and is screened by pressure screening to remove most of the ungrinded fibre bundles. The fine pulp after sieving is concentrated by a vacuum multi-disc concentrator, and the concentrated fibers are sent to a medium-concentration standpipe and stored in a medium-concentration slurry storage tower for reserve. The tail slurry enters the tail slurry tank. After being ground with tail slurry and treated with slurry sieve and slag remover, the fine slurry is recycled and the slurry is discharged continuously.

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