i-CTMP Dedicated Pressure Screen


Yunda i-CTMP dedicated Pressure Screen is a screening equipment designed and developed specially for the characteristics of the mechanical pulp like easy to be dewatered, high fiber bundle content, and strict quality requirements.

The stock enters from the tangential direction of the screen through the inlet pipe, the heavy rejects will be collected in the junk trap and further removed from the heavy reject nozzle, hence wear on the rotor and screen basket is eliminated. Qualified fiber goes across the screen basket and will be discharged from the accept nozzle. Meanwhile unqualified fiber are discharged from the bottom reject nozzle.control of the dilution water makes the screen run in medium consistency condition;

Yunda i-CTMP dedicated Pressure Screen has multi-advantages:
Multi-foil rotor design ensures sufficient screening, gentle pulsation, high frequency and big capacity.
Optimized dilution water structure and screen basket design provides lower thickening in the screening zone, longer lifetime of the screen basket, and higher screening efficiency.
In the modular drive design, the Paired Angular Contact Bearings, Double-Sided Mechanical Shaft Seals, Automatic greasing Devices and Sealing Water Monitoring Devices are used, for longer working life and convenient installation and maintenance;