Hebei Jinboshi 100,000 Tons Tissue Paper Phase II Project Signed Contract with Yunda


Hebei Jinboshi Sanitary Supplies Co., Ltd. signed contract with Zhengzhou Yunda on its 100,000 Tons Tissue Paper Phase II Project. Jinboshi has years’ experience on producing kinds of tissue paper, facial tissue and pocket tissue, etc. In 2016, the company entered a rapid development stage. Phase I 100,000 Tons project adopted Yunda’s equipment, including roll conveyor, mid consistency pulper, cleaner, agitator and approaching screen, etc. All work well till present since start-up.

Phase II 100,000 Tons project has been started in May 2020 and the complete line equipment still from Yunda. It has sufficiently proved the reliability and stability of Yunda equipment. Yunda will spare no effort in providing satisfying equipment and service to Jinboshi.