The detrasher of this series is recommended to use coupling with sediment tank, applicable to remove majority of light rejects and some heavy rejects from pulper in waste paper processing.


  • Specially designed rotor effectively avoid reducing size of contaminants
  • Discharge the impurities as per different specific gravity
  • Remove impurities as early as possible to reduce the burden of pulper and other downstream equipment
  • Automatic control system makes reject discharging easier and reliable
  • Front cover can be opened, maintenance and repair more convenient and fast

Structure and Principle

This equipment is composed of front cover, machine casing, rotor device, foundation and transmission device, etc. Pulp inlet pipe and heavy rejects outlet pipe are set on front cover. Light rejects outlet pipe is set on the front side of machine casing, flange at the end linked with the accept plate in rotor device and soleplates at two sides are linked to the foundation. Rotor device is mainly composed of rotor, accessory shaft, accept plate, screen plate device, bearing seat, transmission bracket, grand V belt wheel, etc. Rotor is made of wearable cast steel and adjustable bolts are equipped on the rotor device to adjust the gap between screen plate and rotor. The foundation is used for bearing the machine case and transmission device. The transmission device consists of motor, small V belt wheel, motor bracket and V belt.

Technical Parameter

Model ZSF1   ZSF2 ZSF3
Nominal Volume (m3) 1.2 3 5
Consistency (%) 2-5
Capacity (T/D) 15-45 40-120 60-150
Motor Power (kW) 45 75 160